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Robot Trolley

Muscles on tracks

Advantages of Robot Trolley

RT - Slæbekapacitet

Towing capacity up to 4,500 kg

RT - Ingen installationsomkostninger

No installation costs

RT - Ingen vægtforøgelse

No weight increases or loss of ground clearance

RT - Ingen huller

No holes or welds in the trailer during installation

RT - Intet slid på dæk

No wear on tires

RT - 30 minutters arbejde

30 minutes of work

RT - hældning 10%

Manages elevations up to 10%

RT - remote

Easily controlled with wireless remote

Move Your Boat Trailer

Move Your Horse Trailer

Move Your Caravan

Move Your Industrial Trailer

Robot Trolley leaflet

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Why use a Robot Trolley mover to move your trailer?

Have you ever been in a challenging situation where you had to move your trailer? Maybe it is a heavy horse trailer that requires extra muscle power or a boat trailer with limited space around it. We have the solution for you – the Robot Trolley mover. This innovative mover makes the entire process of moving your trailer or caravan faster, easier and more efficient compared to traditional movers. 

What is a Robot Trolley mover?

A Robot Trolley mover is a small robot designed to move and maneuver many different types of trailers and caravans. One of the great advantages of the Robot Trolley mover is its ease of use. With just a few buttons on the remote control, you can easily and precisely move your trailer wherever you want.

A Robot Trolley is a must-have if you want to spare your back from heavy lifting or arriving at a campsite yourself. Moreover, a Robot Trolley has no installation costs and requires no holes or welding on your trailer before to use it. Moverover, it does not wear the tires during use. You just have to attach the bracket to the chassis, charge the battery and then you are ready to park your caravan or trailer, even in the tightest places with a Robot Trolley.

Another great advantage of the Robot Trolley is its diversity. Whether you need to move a horse trailer, boat trailer or even a caravan, this smart device can handle it all. So even if you own several different trailers, you can use the same Robot Trolley to move them all. This makes it ideal for persons and businesses that have multiple trailers they need to move.

All Robot Trolleys are delivered ready to use, with no installation costs and a standard bracket is included, which is easy to mount on your trailer, and a remote control.  When using a Robot Trolley you can also reduce a lot of weight from your caravan by using a Robot Trolley, as you can store the trolley in your boot while driving.

Fits many trailers and Caravans

The Robot Trolley models are specialized to be able to maneuver larger trailers and caravans, even in the tightest and narrowest places, it may be necessary to purchase an additional bracket or tower. We have accessories for the Robot Trolley which can be purchased additionally, so the Robot Trolley can move several trailers and caravans.

If you have to move a trailer where it is not possible to use our standard bracket, you can use a trailer ball bracket which can be mounted on a ball coupling 50 mm. Here it is important to ensure that there is enough friction between the Robot Trolley’s belt and the surface. When using the trailer ball bracket, we therefore recommend that you have a ball pressure of 300 kg, in order to ensure that the Robot Trolley functions optimally and is able to move the desired weight. We also have other types of brackets that fit other types of trailers. We also offers brackets for profile tubesuniversal high lift bracket and a universal bracket that fits almost all types of trailers.

Which Robot Trolley model should I choose?

The Robot Trolley models are specialized to be able to maneuver larger trailers and caravans, even in the tightest and narrowest places. The models have different capacities in relation to how much they can pull.

You therefore have the opportunity to find a small but incredibly strong alternative to the classic mover for caravans and trailers, which fits exactly your needs.

The smallest Robot Trolley is the 1500 model. This model can move up to 1,500 kg, where the 2500 model can tow 2,500 kg and the 2500RS model can tow the same capacity (2500 kg), but at a faster speed. The strongest of the four models is the 4500 model. This Robot Trolley model is the largest one in the range and can tow trailers and caravans up to a weight of 4,500 kg. At Robot Trolley, you therefore have the opportunity to find a small but incredibly strong and efficient alternatives to the traditional movers for caravans and trailers, which fits exactly your needs.