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Why Choose a Robot Trolley?

4 sizes: The Robot Trolley models come in 4 different sizes and can pull between 1,500 and 4,500 kg. A Robot Trolley comes with a remote control, charger, standard bracket, storage bag and a low tower.

Move anything: Everyone knows the hassle of maneuvering a trailer or camper. The Robot Trolley solves that by driving your trailer safely, easily and with great precision. The trolley can be used for all types of caravans and trailers including boat trailers, horse trailers, industrial trailers, caravans, and much more.  

Cheaper alternative: Our Robot Trolley is a smart and a much cheaper alternative to the traditional movers. There are no installation costs associated with the installation. Simply just fasten the bracket to your trailer, charge the Robot Trolley and you good to go.

Easy to maneuver: Robot Trolley is easily controlled by a remote control and helps you to accurately move your trailer without the help of others. When the remote control is paired with the trolley, the robit is controlled using the 4 arrows on the remote control. A Robot Trolley is a must-have if you want to spare your back from heavy lifting, arriving at a campsite yourself, or the space around your trailer in your garage is narrow.

Different surces: The Robot Trolley works easily on different terrain. Here, small differences in height are not a problem, while the mover easily maneuvers on soft surfaces such as grass, soil, gravel, and sand. On inclines greater than 10%, it may be necessary to assist the Robot Trolley with a little push. 

Battery life: With a battery life of 30 minutes, you are always independent of the help of others.

Portable: The Robot Trolley is small and actually weighs only between 22 and 38 kg, which makes it easy to bring along.

Lots of options: It can be necessary to purchase an additional bracket or tower to a Robot Trolley in order for the robot to fit different trailers and caravans. If you have to move a trailer where it is not possible to use our standard bracket, you can for instance use a trailer ball bracket which can be mounted on a ball coupling 50 mm. Here it is important to ensure that there is enough friction between the Robot Trolley’s belt and the surface. When using the trailer ball bracket, we therefore recommend that you have a ball pressure of 300 kg, in order to ensure that the Robot Trolley functions optimally and is able to move the desired weight. We do also offer brackets for profile tubes, closed and open universal high lift bracket that fits most types of trailers.